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ARR® Center for Anatomically
Correct Horsemanship

Auf dem Heisterfeldshof
Waldstraße 34 a
47551 Bedburg-Hau
Phone: +49(0)2821-8979704
Fax: +49(0)2821-8979705
Cell Phone: +49(0)172-2117313


Successful show

3 tests, 3 times first! Nora Schöneich and her pony Käte after a very successful day at Kranenburg dressage show.


The interview

Read the interview with our professional rider Julia Lünstedt.



Misner Wins Grand Prix!

After completion of the training at the ARR center, Nakita and Dadas Dynamite won their very first Grand Prix together!


Uridelig af kissing spine

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Horse Knowledge A–Z



The way to your horse – in two steps, with ARR

Only rarely does one see a horse with his back truly swinging upward. Words cannot describe the feeling of riding such a horse. Our team at the ARR center will enable your horse to build strong, upward-swinging backs. Only then will your horse lead a long and healthy life as a ridden horse; only then can he receive and process the rider's impulses. Finding his physical balance will also make your horse more self-confident.

Our training is suited for horses of all ages, breeds and levels of training. We have achieved sustained success with horses who had been having serious health problems. We also train young horses and gently prepare them for their life as a ridden horse. Training your horse in concordance with our concept will make you discover the easy way of riding. Stiff and insubordinate horses are ill at ease. Our training will provide you and your horse with a new awareness of life and riding.

The facts are these: horses who have been trained by the ARR team can be ridden without any strain on their ligaments and backs – their whole life long. Your horse will thank you for it.