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ARR® Center for Anatomically
Correct Horsemanship

Auf dem Heisterfeldshof
Waldstraße 34 a
47551 Bedburg-Hau
Phone: +49(0)2821-8979704
Fax: +49(0)2821-8979705
Cell Phone: +49(0)172-2117313


❄❄❄ Relaxed in the Winter ❄❄❄

Treat your horse and yourself to a well-deserved break after the show season. Active recovery for best results! Check out our Winter special offer!

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The interview

Read the interview with our professional rider Julia Lünstedt.



Misner Wins Grand Prix!

After completion of the training at the ARR center, Nakita and Dadas Dynamite won their very first Grand Prix together!


Uridelig af kissing spine

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Jubelee Year
Horse Knowledge A–Z
Jubelee Year

Jubelee Year


On our own behalf

In 2015, we are celebrating two anniversaries:
80 years Klaus Schöneich and 30 years ARR Center

On June 14, Klaus Schöneich is having his 80th birthday! He will spend that day with his family away from the ARR Center. Personal congratulations are best conveyed during the intensive training week from July 7 to 11 at the Heisterfeldshof. On Sunday July 12, we are organizing a small party to which all congratulators and friends of the ARR Center are invited.

During the jubilee year, we are planning to hold different events and activities: stay informed on the ARR website or Facebook page.


Call for expression of interest: we want your horse!

Sport horse at the end of the road – we make a restart.

Our article (see below) on horses of exception that cannot tap into their talent anymore because of wrong training has affected many people and led to numerous reactions. This positive response gave us the motivation to go one step further and turn words into action. We want to demonstrate how much correct training can do in very little time: we want to put this to the test and retrain at the ARR Center of Anatomically Correct Horsemanship a horse that has dropped out of competition at international level.

Do you own a dream horse that has once been successful at elite level, but now is unable to build on these successes for reasons which «cannot be explained»? Has your four-legged friend been a smashing dancer on the international show ground and made you dream and hope about glamour and glory – but then things did not turn out as expected and trainers and therapists started to line up? Are you more concerned with blockades and disobedience than with piaffe and passage? Then dare to make a restart: Send us an application for you horse and fwin 2 month of free retraining at the ARR Center!f

Progresses will be documented and published in equestrian media. We will select the most interesting case among all entries submitted. We are looking forward to receiving your application with a curriculum of your horse, including photographs and videos as well as a description of the problems that prevent you from living up to previous successes.

Please submit your application until the 22nd of November 2015 to:
We are excited about this new challenge!
Gabriele Rachen-Schöneich and Klaus Schöneich,
ARR Center for Anatomically Correct Horsemanship, Bedburg-Hau

Link to the article: The Horse: A Work of Art