Correct movement in horses

Book cover: Correct movement in horses

by Gabriele Rachen-Schöneich und Klaus Schöneich

The authors attribute 95 percent of all movement problems, and resulting pain and discomfort, to inherent crookedness and consequent heaviness on the forehand. These motion-related issues impact a horse‘s ability to learn and perform on many levels – both physical and mental. In this important book, you can learn how the Schöneichs‘ unique system of "straightness training" can permanently correct the horse‘s way of moving in a relatively short time. As work progresses, you‘ll be amazed by the array of problems that can be solved by "straightness training".

Published simultaneously in the USA, under the title "Straightening the Crooked Horse", by Trafalgar Square Books.
The original German book is out of print and only available in antiquarian book stores. The book has also been translated into Swedish.