Training stay

Our well-established team cares for the horses according to a holistic approach. The core element of the horse training in two steps is completed with individual attention for every horse regarding health issues, feeding and training program.

The training team consisting of Gabriele Rachen-Schöneich, Klaus Schöneich and a professional rider is supported by the top-class expertise team: veterina-rians, dentists, therapists, blacksmiths and saddle makers work hand in hand to form an integrated network. This close collaboration of experts and exchange of expertise guarantees the high quality of our basic training and makes our concept unique.

Lunging training and riding

Over the course of approximately 5 weeks, the biomechanics of a flight animal can be transformed into those of a trained athletic horse. The horse’s natural crooked movements are corrected on the longe. When the Step 1 training goal is achieved, your horse can be further trained at our center under saddle. Thus, the horse’s newly found moving pattern can be consolidated and maintained in the work under saddle.

After this holistic training, the horse owner takes over. Please take some time for this important phase: let yourself be familiarized with the longeing technique, improve your seat on your horse and take individual riding lessons with our team.

While your horse is being trained at our center, you are always most welcome to visit. Come and see for yourself how our team is training your horse and how your horse’s movements (and straightness) are improving.

Loving, personal care as well as performance-focused and species-appropriate feeding is an essential part of the holistic concept of the ARR Center. For many years, we have been able to offer individual concentrate feeds and 3 to 4 times hay feeds to you at stable prices.

Important notice:

We are closed on Mondays - please accept that horses cannot arrive or be picked up by transport companies on that day.

Please see the following forms:

8-week package

Price: 2850 Euro

boarding included

Price payable in 2 installments of 1425 Euro each, upon registration and after 4 weeks. Price per extra day after 8 weeks: 51 Euro.

The offer includes training and boarding, training of horse and rider during four weeks, incl. video analysis. Working hours from Tuesday to Saturday. Check-in of horses on weekends, start of training with analysis on Tuesday in each case.

The booking of the 8-weeks package (correction on the lunge and riding) includes a discount of 100 Euro per 4 weeks. In order to keep this discount, the payment for the period starting from the 5th week must be received on one of our accounts by the end of the 4th week. If this is not the case, we are forced to use the price for the 4-week package of 1525 Euro as a basis.

4-week package

Price: 1525 Euro

boarding included

Per additional day after 1 month: 55 Euro

Training of horse and rider during 4 weeks; video analysis included; working days: Tuesday to Saturday; horses are to be checked in on the weekend; training starts with the analysis on Tuesday.

1-week package

Price: 410 Euro

boarding included

5 training units. Comprehensive consultation and information about the horse (health, saddle, shoeing etc.).